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Papers and abstracts:

Nordic Planning Symposium "Local Authority Planning in Change: Beyond Dichotomies", 16.-18.8.2007 Oulu, Finland.

Paper presented 17.8.2007

Paper presented 16.8.2007

ENHR (European Network of Housing Resesarch) -conference: "Sustainable Urban Areas", 25.-28.8.2007 Rotterdam.

Paper presented 25.6.2007

_Landscape and landscape architecture symposium (Nordic Association of Architectural Research), 19.-21.4.2007, Aarhus.

Paper presented 20.4.2007

Conference Urban Conditions and Life Chances

Paper presented 7.7.2006 in Conference Urban Conditions and Life Chances, Amsterdam 6.-8.7.2006.

Planum Plenum seminar

Paper presented in 16.2.2006 in Planum plenum seminar during CORP 2006 International Conference on Urban Planning and Regional Development, in Vienna.

Electronic City Conference

Presentation 5.2.2006. FUTURE Future Urban Research in Europe, The Electronic City Conference, Bratislava ( 3.2.-5.2.2006).

  • Maarit Kahila: Possibilities of Web-based softGIS Method in Revealing Residents Evaluation Knowledge of the Living Environment. Paper (pdf).

COST Action E-39

Poster presented in COST Action E-39 (Forest, trees and human health and wellbeing in Thessalonica, Greece. October 2005.

  • Marketta Kyttä ja Maarit Kahila : The perceived quality factors of the environment and their ecoefficient acceccibility. Paper (pdf).

IFIP -workshop

Paper presented in IFIP -workshop organized by SimLab in 5.-7.6.2005:
The IFIP WG 5.7 Special Interest Group on Experimental Interactive Learning in Industrial Management "New Approaches on Learning, Studying and Teaching”.

TED -workshop (TED: "Towards Electronic Democracy" project of the ESF)

The abstracts were presented in a TED -workshop "e-Participation in Environmental Decision Making" organized by Systems Analysis Laboratory in 20.-22.5.2005.

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